The installation method of deep groove ball bearing

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  Deep groove ball bearing installation method: a press fit: the bearing inner ring and shaft which is tightly matched with the outer ring and bearing seat hole is a loose fit, can press the bearing pressure mounted on the shaft, and the shaft together with the bearing load in the bearing hole, press in the bearing inner ring end face assembly sleeve a soft pad made of metal material (copper or steel), the bearing outer ring and bearing seat hole is tightly matched with the inner ring and shaft is a loose fit, the bearing can be pressed into the bearing hole, then the assembly sleeve diameter should be slightly smaller than the diameter of the hole. If the bearing ring with the shaft and hole seat is a tight fit, installation of interior ring and the outer ring and pressed into the shaft and hole structure, the assembly sleeve should be able to face tight and bearing inner ring and outer ring.
  Bearing with a greater amount of deep groove ball bearing installation method 2: heating with the heating bearings or bearing seat, the thermal expansion of the tight fit into a loose fit installation method. It is a common and labor-saving installation method. This method is suitable for the interference of the bearing installation, hot charging of the bearing or separable type bearings rings are placed in the tank uniform heating 80-100 DEG C, and then from the oil removed loaded as soon as possible to the shaft, in order to prevent the cooling after the end face of the inner ring and the shaft shoulder joint is not tight, the bearing cooling can be subjected to axial fastening. The bearing outer ring and light metal bearing seat is tightly, by heating the heat charging method can avoid mating surface suffered bruising. Heat the oil bearing, from the bottom of a certain distance should be a mesh, or with a hook hanging bearing, bearing can not be into the bottom, to prevent heavy impurities into the bearing or uneven heating, the tank must be a thermometer, strict control of temperature of not more than 100 DEG C, in order to prevent the occurrence of tempering effect, reduce the hardness of the ferrule.

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